So, Why HumanitiesAttic?

I chose to call this site an attic because I plan for it to be a random assortment of various topics from the humanities.  I think of it as a giant space where I can collect various “boxes” filled with different types of humanities.  Just like a real attic, I expect I’ll end up with a fairly eclectic group of things, and I’ll be adding more all of the time.


As for the Humanities side of HumanitiesAttic, that part is a little simpler.  I’ve been a graduate student for a loooooong time, earning an MA in History, an MA in Humanities, and now I’m ABD in my PhD in Humanities (the dissertation is actually done and submitted, and I’m now just wading through the editing and defense processes).  In my very long time in college, I’ve accumulated a large number of interests—both academic and for fun—and I’d like to take the chance to write about them in a slightly less stressful and much more casual format than graduate school requires.

When I say humanities, I’m not talking just about art (although I expect I will be talking about art a great deal), but the complete study of culture.  Accordingly, this blog will focus on all sorts of cultural artifacts and curiosities.  I’m a little obsessed with the topic of the cultural history of gardens (predominantly in England with digressions to Japan).  I also love fairy tales, myths and legends (focusing on nautical tales of sea monsters and the like), paintings and tapestries, architectural history, and A LOT of other topics as well.  I’m also an amateur watercolorist who dapples in pen and ink (I drew my avatar and logo), so I may share my artistic successes and frustrations as well; and I may talk about my very small adventures in the humanities of my home state of Florida.

If you’re reading this, then welcome to HumanitiesAttic!  I hope that you’ll enjoy my collection of thoughts.  Pardon the dust 🙂

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