The Garden of Miss Austen

Chawton Cottage is the house where Jane Austen spent her last years—and where she wrote many of her novels.  The house is really a “cottage” in name only.  It contains six bedrooms, as well as various other rooms.  It belonged to her much wealthier brother—one of many dwellings he owned—and he renovated it for the... Continue Reading →

Tea Garden Timeline in Britain and Japan

1568 Two new types of gardens arose in Japan, influenced heavily by the tea ceremony:  the tea garden and the stroll garden (Keane 169). The tea garden, or Chaniwa, was created out of a desire to move the tea ceremony away from formal halls and into a more natural setting.  The style tended to be open—despite... Continue Reading →

What is a Garden Grotto?

The term grotto is derived from the Old Italian grotta, which is itself from the Late Latin crypta for “vault” or “cavern.”  Crypta in turn has its origins in the Greek krypte, meaning “hidden place” (“Grotto”).  The Greeks believed that the world was created by a union of the god of the sky and the... Continue Reading →

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